Media from the 9th Calgary International. We will update this page once the tournament begins.
findlay vs timmerman
haessel vs mikhalevski
kamsky vs kazmaier
rnd 2 batista vs shi
rnd 2 kostadinov vs sklenka
rnd 2 preotu and troff
rnd 2 sinanan vs a sasata
rnd 3 bodek vs mikhalevski
rnd 3 shirazi vs wang
rnd 3 top boards 2
rnd 3 top boards
sasata vs wu
sklenka vs collyer
rnd 4 kazmaier
rnd 4 langer vs findlay
rnd 4 mikhalevski vs kamsky
rnd 4 panjwani vs troff
rnd 4 timmerman vs batista
rnd 4 top boards
rnd 4 top boards2
gata kamsky
rnd 5 batista vs langer
rnd 5 collyer vs sinanan
rnd 5 shi vs mikhalevski
rnd 5 top 2 boards
rnd 5 tournament room
rnd 5 tournament room2
sasata vs wu
shi vs mikhalevski
sklenka vs collyer
vlad rekhson
rnd 5 collyer vs sinanan
rnd 5 kazmaier vs shirazi
rnd 5 nechio vs kavutskiy
rnd 5 panjwani vs peter
rnd 6 FM diwen shi
rnd 6 kamsky vs preotu
rnd 6 lazaro bruzon batista
rnd 6 raja panjwani
rnd 6 sinanan vs findlay
rnd 6 tournament room
rnd 7 chenxi wu
rnd 7 kavutskiy vs mikhalevski
rnd 7 konstantin kavutskiy
rnd 7 panjwani vs batista
rnd 7 steve sklenka
rnd 7 top boards
rnd 7 tournament room
rnd 7 wu vs wang
rnd 8 findlay vs kavutskiy
rnd 8 sinanan vs kostadinov
rnd 8 top boards
rnd 8 tournament room
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10th Calgary International Chess Classic
August 2, 2017 - August 7, 2017